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Live Interactive Media Art


Blue Portrait

L7 - Blue Portrait

The work consists of a LCD 42" screen

inserted vertically into a picture frame,

while the interaction with the person in

front of it is determined by a microcamera,

put in a corner of the frame.

The microcamera takes the image of the

observer and sends it to a computer.

This computer, thanks to a specific

software, is able to catch the movements

of the person and determine the dynamics

of the air moving around him/her.

In the monitor will appear both the portrait

of the observer and the air moving around,

consistently with his/her movements (the

air appears on the screen in the shape of

a thick blue fog).

Besides, the system is designed in order

to catch things in motion. So, when the

observer is in a static position, the blue

fog (the air) will saturate the whole screen,

keeping the observer hidden.

Only the parts of the body in motion will

be noticed and seen on the screen, with

the dynamics of the air shifted by that




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