Live Interactive Media Art

Live Interactive Media Art


Simoultaneou Action

Simoultaneous Action

The focus of this Intermedial Event is Time.
Physical, biological, phenomenal, metaphysical, conceptual Time.
The direct or indirect subject-matter of this work is that which the word Time evokes in the minds of each one of us, through visions of dance, of words, of technology.
While the metaphor of Time has always been by definition the image of events, phenomena and living things flowing by in an unlimited sequence of moments, nowadays it would be misleading to continue to depict Time and the way we experience it using a linear concept of priority order. We live in an era of explosions and implosions, of identity falling apart and reference points, of long-lasting moments and years frittered away in no time at all.
And we find it hard to recognize in ourselves and in our environment the rhythm which belongs to us, almost as if it fades away in the echo of the continuous going on of a chorus of rhythms which appear unsynchronised, each one predisposed to be wedged in or to be superimposed, and only rarely fitting in well together with another.

It is hard to imagine whether Time is the question or the answer which precedes or follows our almost imperceptible perplexity when we hazard trying to distinguish between what comes first and what comes after.




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